Muzio Designs in Essex, MA
Muzio Designs in Essex, MA
55 John Wise Avenue (Rte. 133)
Essex, Massachusetts 01929
Tel 978-890-7160
Cell 781-962-9028
Susan Muzio Blake,
Colorist & Design Consultant

Wed. - Sat. 11:00am - 5:00pm
Sun. 12:00pm - 5:00pm
or by Appointment

Hours subject to change. Contact the merchant to confirm.

Ready to bring a fresh, inspired look to your home or business but aren’t sure where to start? Muzio Designs can help. We offer home furnishings old and new, vintage tag sale finds, gifts and fine art. In addition, Colorist and Design Consultant, Susan Muzio Blake can work with you to create a space which functions beautifully and is renewed with interest and energy.

Special Announcements

Choose a fresh color scheme, make better use of a particular space, redesign your home with old or new furnishings, or simply update a room with Muzio Designs. Who dreams of being conventional? All I ask is that my clients be inspired!

Muzio Designs in Essex, MA